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Advertising towers and remote signage masts are effective advertising media for attracting attention and making messages visible from afar. Their size and often eye-catching design make them recognizable from afar, which makes them particularly useful for attracting passers-by or motorists. Their presence in high-traffic locations such as highways or business parks can significantly increase the visibility of a brand or company and potentially lead to an increase in footfall and sales.

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Stainless steel Standboard with rotating logo


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Steel tower with flexface lightboxes


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Frequently asked questions about
advertising towers.

What is the advantage of advertising towers?

Advertising towers are an effective way of attracting attention and spreading brand messages over long periods of time. They are often located on busy roads or important junctions, which means they can be seen by many people. This increases the visibility of the advertising. Due to their height, advertising towers can be visible over long distances.

How are advertising towers installed?

The installation of advertising towers can vary depending on the type of tower and local regulations, but here is a general overview of the process:
First, a suitable location for the advertising tower is selected that provides maximum visibility while complying with local regulations and building codes. Permits must be obtained from the appropriate authorities to ensure that the construction complies with local regulations.
The advertising tower is designed taking into account factors such as load-bearing capacity, wind loads, aesthetics and visibility. This may include the erection of steel frames, assembly of prefabricated segments or other construction methods. A foundation is also required.
Once the tower structure is in place, the illuminated signs are installed. These can take the form of illuminated lettering or illuminated banners - depending on the customer's requirements and the desired visual effect. The electrical connections, cabling and installation must be carried out accordingly.
After installation, tests are carried out to ensure that the advertising tower is functioning properly and meets the required safety Standboardards. An inspection by the local authorities may also be required to verify compliance with building regulations.

After successful installation and approval, the advertising tower is put into operation. Regular maintenance is important and necessary to ensure that the tower remains safe and functional and effectively communicates its advertising message.