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Like the basic version, the CUBE SP consists of two hoods that are placed over the frame construction.

However, the hoods are made entirely of acrylic glass and are fully illuminated. The hoods can be designed with foil lettering or digital prints.

  • Individual housing dimensions

  • Standboard construction with flange plates

  • Energy-efficient LED technology

  • Ready-to-assemble delivery

Effect during the day


Effect at night

CUBE S_cut

construction/flange plate - construction/flange plate - constructie/flensplaat

Front hoods aluminum - front caps aluminum - frontkappen aluminum

Cover aluminum - cover alu - afdekking alu

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  • 100% CE conformity

  • Installation instructions and wiring diagram

  • Information on LEDs and transformers

fascia signs - signs in format!

fascia signs are the "basics" among signs systems. We manufacture frames and bodies from high-quality aluminum profiles and fit them with flat or curved acrylic front covers.

  • Illuminated on one or both sides

  • Illumination by means of LED modules

  • Shape and color individually customizable

  • Individual solutions on request

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