LED modules, transformers and mounting aids.


We believe that illumination not only requires LED modules, but also the right transformers and installation aids. TÜV-approved MEANWELL power supply units, gel-filled 3M connectors, UL-approved cable as we use for our modules and installation according to the electrical plan complete the well thought-out LED module system: safety from the first to the last module!

  • Proven house brand nextLED

  • Long-lasting and high-quality LED

  • Energy-efficient LED technology

  • Implementation of current norms and Standboardards

  • CE documentation and circuit diagram

  • Expert customer service

NL 036L

LED modules from nextLED

With our in-house LED modules from nextLED, we have durable and high-quality LED modules for illuminating built up letters, full acrylic glass letters and fascia signs. We produce the LED modules in four different white color temperatures from 3000°-6100°K - for white letters we always use the color 5000°K according to the Standboardard of the European Sign Federation. We also have colored LED modules in red, blue, green and RGB.

All modules are based on 12V technology; the NL 036L model is also available in 24V technology. This is particularly advantageous for projects with large illuminated letters or tensioned fabric banners, which require longer cable runs and are more difficult to access for inspection work.
Cable cross-sections and maximum cable lengths are just as important for the longevity of an LED system as high-quality branded products. We adhere to current Standboardards and use products from Helukabel and Meanwell.

led transformers


We have taken a closer look at the LED transformer system and have recently limited our model selection to a maximum transformer output of 100W. The aim is to limit the maximum current in a circuit to 8 amps. And at the same time to minimize the risk of a cable fire. This limitation is adapted to the cable cross-sections used; the vast majority of LED chains have wiring with a cable cross-section of 0.8 qmm, while cross-sections of 1.5 qmm are usually used for the main supply line.

Our advertising systems are equipped with the XLG 100-12-A as the most powerful transformer in addition to the 40 and 60W transformers in the LPF series. This model has (almost) optimum efficiency, which is sufficient for our applications, even for larger advertising systems.

Dimmers, daylight-dependent controls and RGB controllers, which are tailored to each individual project, round off the range for safe and trouble-free operation of your signs.


Energy Label

The EU regulations on energy consumption labeling apply to a range of "energy-related products", i.e. devices or systems that have an impact on energy consumption during use. The LED modules installed in signs systems are also among the products subject to mandatory labeling.

12 volts or 24 volts? Definitely with EnergyLabel!

With nextLED modules, we offer the best of both worlds and in recent months we have further developed our nextLED product line in terms of power supply as well as light colors.

All nextLED LED modules have now been tested for the mandatory EU EnergyLabel. They will soon be entered in the EPREL database and will then all be available under the download button

The EnergyLabel will also be listed in our CE document for the respective LED module used in the project.