Real Neon becomes LEon.
State-of-the-art LED technology.


Very close to the original. But at the same time with all the advantages of state-of-the-art LED technology. This is what has characterized our LEon illuminated letters for years. And makes them even more versatile in use than real neon tubes - both indoors and outdoors.

And LEon illuminated letters are also environmentally friendly. No mercury is required for the lighting effect, as is the case with classic neon tubes. One more reason to choose LEon!

  • Discreet cooperation

  • Customized individuality

  • Energy-efficient LED technology

  • Environmentally friendly without mercury

  • Versatile application options

  • Expert customer service


Profile 1

Two-part full-relief letter with flat front, LED light contour in Faux-Neon design


Profile 2

Two-part full-relief letter with glare edge, LED light contour in Faux-Neon design

Flexible use:
For your outdoor advertising
or the interior.

Our illuminated letters put your message in the spotlight and ensure an unmissable presence. Whether you are looking for eye-catching illuminated letters for your company's façade or elegant, atmospheric interior lighting, Rosen offers you a wide range of options. Using the latest LED technology, we guarantee impressive brightness, as well as energy efficiency and durability.

Put your company in the best light and take advantage of the attention that our illuminated letters give you. Sophisticated design and high-quality materials make our products a long-term investment in your visibility and brand presence. Let your logo shine - with Rosen illuminated letters, your partner for flexible and effective advertising solutions."

Frequently asked questions about
Faux-Neon letters.

What is the advantage of LEon over real neon high-voltage tube?

Even though neon is considered the epitome of signs by illuminated advertisers, our LEon letters offer several advantages in addition to the look-a-like of Faux-Neon. LEDs consume less energy and have a significantly longer service life than neon high-voltage tubes. This also makes maintenance and replacement of the light sources less cost-intensive.
As part of the EU's ban on mercury, high-voltage neon tubes will only be permitted for repairs to existing systems from 2027.

How long do LEon letters usually last?

LEon letters differ only slightly from classic built up letters. Instead of the illuminated acrylic glass pane as the front cover, the LEon letter has a Faux-Neon-look milled acrylic glass contour inserted through the front cover. The durability is therefore no different from that of classic built up letters.

Can the color of the LEon letters be changed?

In principle, yes. However, when changing the light color of the LED, the acrylic glass contour would also have to be changed. Acrylic and LED colors are always matched to achieve the best possible Faux-Neon look.