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Profile 1 is manufactured as a hollow built up letter with a closed back. The transitions between the front, back and frame are ground and polished so that the letter gives the impression that it has been laser-cut from solid material. Adhesive dots are provided on the back for mounting.
The letter depths are between 10 and 30 mm. The surfaces of the letters are either ground or highly polished.

  • For indoor use = quality 304

  • For outdoor use = quality 316

  • Colored stainless steel in various shades

  • brass-colored

  • bronze colored

  • copper colored

  • anthracite black

Effect during the day


Effect at night


Letter deep stainless steel - channelletter deep stainless - doosletter diep RVS

Adhesive dot - fixing tape - tape pad

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  • 100% CE conformity

  • Installation instructions and wiring diagram

  • Information on LEDs and transformers

Do you already know typoLITE® letters?

typoLITE® letters are made of solid acrylic with a slim silhouette. This is interesting wherever conventional built up letters were too bulky.

  • Luminous intensity of up to 3500 cd/m2

  • Very long service life

  • Four light colors white from 3000°-6000° K

  • Uniform illumination

typoLITE illuminated letters