Letters for high-quality lettering.
Without and with

Stainless steel letters are manufactured as profiled letters or as hollow letters with a closed back. The transition between the mirror and the frame is ground and polished so that the letters give the impression that they have been laser-cut from solid material. the letter depths are between 10 and 30 mm. The surfaces of the letters are either ground or highly polished.

  • For indoor use = quality 304

  • For outdoor use = quality 316

  • Colored stainless steel in various shades

  • brass-colored

  • bronze colored

  • copper colored

  • anthracite black


Profile 01 E

Profile 01 is manufactured as a built up letter with mounting bolts and an open back. The transition between the front and frame is ground and polished.


Profile 1 E

Profile 1 is manufactured as a hollow body with a closed back. The transitions between the front, back and frame are ground and polished.


Profile 3 E

Two-part full-relief letter with stainless steel top, acrylic glass base for rear light emission, spacer

Flexible use:
For your outdoor advertising
or the interior.

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Frequently asked questions about
stainless steel letters.

What should be considered when selecting stainless steel quality?

Depending on the application environment, it is important to select a grade of stainless steel that is resistant to corrosion. This can be done by selecting stainless steels such as austenitic stainless steel type 304 or 316. We recommend choosing grade 316 for outdoor use. Mirror polished letters are easier to clean and less susceptible to soiling than polished surfaces due to the closed surface.

How do stainless steel letters get their coloring?

Stainless steel can be colored in various ways, with each method achieving different results and effects. We use the electrochemical process of titanium nitriding. This involves placing the stainless steel as a cathode in an electrolyte, which forms an oxide layer that is colored through the use of electricity and certain chemical solutions. This process is often used to produce decorative or functional surfaces.