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We manufacture our LED built up letters from aluminum, stainless steel and acrylic glass. Various Standboardard colors are available, but the use of special colors is also possible on request. The products used generally depend on the font and size of the respective built up letters. On request, we can develop individual solutions with you to meet your customers' specifications.

  • Discreet cooperation

  • Customized individuality

  • Energy-efficient LED technology

  • Durability and weather resistance

  • Versatile application options

  • Expert customer service


Profile 1

Two-part full-relief letter with flat front, LED light contour in Faux-Neon design


Profile 5S

Two-part full-relief letter, acrylic glass front, without visible edging


Profile 8F

Two-part full relief letter, front and side made of acrylic glass - only front luminous, aluminum base


Profile 2

Two-part full-relief letter with glare edge, LED light contour in Faux-Neon design


Profile 3

Two-part full relief letter, acrylic glass base for rear light emission, spacer


Profile 4

Two-part full-relief letter, front made of acrylic glass, edging with metal frame


Profile 4S

Built up flexface letter, edging with metal frame


Profile 5

Two-part full relief letter, front made of acrylic glass, edging with PVC edging


Profile 8FS

Two-part full-relief letter, front and side made of luminous acrylic glass, aluminum base


Profile 8S

Two-part full relief letter, front and side made of acrylic glass - only side luminous, aluminum base


Profile 83

Two-part full-relief letter, top and base made of acrylic glass - front and back illuminated


Profile 9

Two-part full relief letter, upper part made of acrylic glass, inserted into lower part

Flexible use:
For your outdoor advertising
or the interior.

Our illuminated letters put your message in the spotlight and ensure an unmissable presence. Whether you are looking for eye-catching illuminated letters for your company's façade or elegant, atmospheric interior lighting, Rosen offers you a wide range of options. Using the latest LED technology, we guarantee impressive brightness, as well as energy efficiency and durability.

Put your company in the best light and take advantage of the attention that our illuminated letters give you. Sophisticated design and high-quality materials make our products a long-term investment in your visibility and brand presence. Let your logo shine - with Rosen illuminated letters, your partner for flexible and effective advertising solutions."

Frequently asked questions about
built up letters.

How long do built up letters usually last?

Classic built up letters are mainly made of aluminum, which is painted or powder-coated, and acrylic glass. Both materials are fully resistant to outdoor and weather conditions. However, the acrylic glass and the paint are subject to a normal ageing process in outdoor use depending on the exposure. However, this ageing process can be slowed down by regular cleaning and care - similar to a vehicle - so that your customers can enjoy their individual signs for a long time.

Can the LED lighting be replaced?

The LED modules can be replaced on all built up letters. The front cover or the upper part made of acrylic glass can be opened for inspection. However, LED or transformer replacement, repair, maintenance and cleaning work on signs systems must always be carried out by trained specialist personnel.