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The signs system Standboard DS1 backed is used with two Standboardpipes (optionally round or rectangular) to create a free-Standboarding signs system.
The fascia sign itself consists of two folded aluminum cassettes that are placed over a welded frame construction. Depending on the length of the Standboardpipes, several DS1 fascia signs (backed or inserted) can also be combined.

The logo and text are decoupaged from the straight fronts and backed with an acrylic glass panel and shine out from the surface.

  • Individual housing dimensions

  • Acrylic glass backing

  • Standboard construction with flange plates

  • Energy-efficient LED technology

  • Combination with illuminated letters

  • Ready-to-assemble delivery

Effect during the day


Effect at night

LT Standboard DS1_h_cut

Acrylic backing, luminous - flat acrylic, lit - acrylaat achterliggend, verlicht

Housing with construction - box with construction - onderkast met constructie

LED module - LED modules - LED module

Your project.
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  • 100% CE conformity

  • Installation instructions and wiring diagram

  • Information on LEDs and transformers

Totems - impressively visible!

Our product range extends from individualized Standboardard pylons to custom-made products according to customer specifications. You can choose from a variety of materials as well as a wide range of lettering, RAL paintwork and special colors.

  • Customized individuality

  • Manufactured in accordance with EN 1090

  • Energy-efficient LED technology

  • Durability and weather resistance