Circuits from 100W - cleverly solved!

When it comes to the electrical safety of advertising installations with LED systems, the topic is often taken lightly. What could be so dangerous about it? The LED only has 12 volts!

We have taken a closer look at the LED transformer system and have recently limited our model selection to a maximum transformer output of 100W. The aim is to limit the maximum current in a circuit to 8 amps. And at the same time to minimize the risk of a cable fire. This limitation is matched to the cable cross-sections used. The vast majority of LED chains have wiring with a cable cross-section of 0.8 qmm, while cross-sections of 1.5 qmm are usually used for the main supply line.

From now on, our advertising systems will be equipped with the XLG 100-12-A as the most powerful transformer. This model has an (almost) optimum efficiency that is sufficient for our applications, even for larger advertising systems.

The basis of our decision to move towards smaller transformers is the (currently withdrawn) 50107-3 standard. After the withdrawal in April last year, we nevertheless continued to press ahead with the project - the contents of the standard are still considered state of the art. Even if larger transformers are still permitted, the cost of separate lines with separate fusing to a maximum of 8 amps is at least as great as using and installing smaller transformers with max. 100W = 8 amps. However, these are already limited to a maximum of 8 amps and do not require any further fusing. An absolute safety advantage!

For those interested, we have summarized all the information in an easy-to-understand pdf. Here you will also find recommendations on maximum cable lengths between the transformer station and the illuminated advertising system, which are often requested for a project. PDF FILE


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  • Published on June 1, 2022

  • Category: General