Welded and bolted - with tested safety!

A major step in the joint development and quality assurance of both production sites in Bad Bentheim and Lage was taken in mid-December with the successful completion of the audit for compliance with EN 1090 and factory production control. This was preceded by a number of training courses, including for the welders in Lage who are responsible for frames for illuminated banners and constructions for Totems. But there was also a lot of paperwork to complete and discussions to be held about which signs components actually had to comply with EN 1090 in order to finally receive renewed confirmation from the SLV Hannover inspector that all EN 1090 regulations and processes for aluminum had been met.

As the production site of Hoffschmidt Lichtwerbung in Lage was also included in the regular audit this time, there were considerably more extensive preparations and tasks to be fulfilled by the inspection bodies. Managing Director Joachim Heils as welding expert (SAP) and QM representative Monique Bogdanovic, who also performs this function in Bad Bentheim, prepared additional documents for bolted joints in addition to the documents for the already certified welded joints. As new aspects of EN 1090 emerged in the course of the last audit, we decided to have the Rosen Group certified for the increasingly frequently used connection technology for large and multi-part constructions as well.

Despite all the clarity regarding the validity of the implementation of EN 1090 for free-Standboarding structures - i.e. Totems and signs systems mounted on the roof - there was an intensive discussion with the inspector regarding the necessity for advertising systems mounted on the façade of a building. The focus here was particularly on LED lettering made of profiled letters or acrylic glass chandeliers mounted on a welded frame substructure. This type of product cannot be clearly assigned, as it is not a self-supporting structure in its own right and is not part of the building. Rather, it serves to simplify assembly and therefore does not fall under EN 1090.

With the successful completion of the audit of Rosen Lichtwerbung GmbH in Bad Bentheim and Hoffschmidt Lichtwerbung GmbH in Lage as the manufacturing plant of Rosen LW, we are starting the new year 2024 together with certified safety. We look forward to implementing new and exciting signs projects together with you.



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  • Published on January 9, 2024

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