12 volts or 24 volts? In any case with EnergyLabel!

With nextLED modules, we offer the best of both worlds. In recent months, we have further developed our nextLED product line in terms of power supply as well as light colors and would like to present our new NL 036L/24 LED module. All nextLED LED modules have now been tested for the mandatory EU Energy Label. Registration in the EPREL database will take place shortly.

Why 24 volts as well?

At first glance, our new NL 036L module series with 24 volt operating voltage is no different from the reliable NL 036K modules with 12 volts. You are probably wondering why we are now installing a module with an identical appearance?

12V LED modules are the most frequently used modules in illuminated advertising. And will certainly continue to be so. This is why our tried-and-tested NL 026L and NL 036L modules are constantly being developed further. But there are good reasons to use LED modules with an operating voltage of 24 volts for certain projects. Especially for projects with large illuminated letters or tensioned fabric banners that require longer cable runs and are more difficult to access for inspection work. 

First of all, our new 24V modules are just as durable as our other nextLED modules. However, the 24V architecture of the module is less susceptible to voltage drops when installing larger sections within an advertising system. This makes it possible to use longer cable runs between sections or to the transformers. Nevertheless, the specifications for the conductor cross-section of the supply line and its length must also be observed here in order to prevent damage or premature ageing/light loss on the LED modules. For an optimum power supply, it is always advisable to measure the power supply of the installed advertising system to ensure that the required voltage is maintained.

By the way...

The advantages of the new 24V LED technology are supported by optimized cable and transformer management. For the longevity of an LED system, cable cross-sections and maximum cable lengths are just as important as high-quality branded products. We adhere to current standards and use branded products from Helukabel and Meanwell.


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  • Published on February 9, 2024

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